Sheffield Hardware Hackers

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I recently found out that the Sheffield Hardware Hackers group is still alive and well, so I went along to see how far along the group's RepRap is. Turns out that it's fully working, and there were no less than four machines being tinkered with (three Mendels and a Mendel-90).

Despite working on several machines (a Darwin and a few Mendels) I've never actually played with one that's able to print! After cleaning and levelling the bed, I ran a test print using a g-code file that was already on the machine's microSD card, small letter "G" about 0.01m x 0.015m x 0.5m in volume.

That worked well-enough, so I went on Thingiverse and found an STL for a small bird pendant, loaded it into pronterface and printed it. It was annoyingly easy, considering I wanted something to tinker with!

Nevertheless, RepRap fever has caught me again, and before I knew what I was doing I've designed a rough sense of proprioception which I now feel compelled to flesh-out and test.

I'll try and post my progress and results.