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Ant Colony Simulation

A simple simulation of an ant colony, using Python 2.x and PyGame.

The simulation consists of:

A colony (brown) Ants (black) Food (green) Pheremones (blue)

The colony begins at a certain size with a certain number of ants at the centre of the screen. The ants will follow a random walk around the screen.

Clicking on the screen will plant seeds, which grow into food. If an ant walks into some food, it will pick some up and carry it directly back to the colony, leaving a trail of pheremones as it goes, then it will start its random walk again.

Pheremones decay over time, but ants are attracted to them which biases their random walks. This makes it likely that ants walking into pheremone trails will follow those trails, leading them to the food that caused the trail to be laid. When these ants take their food back to the colony, their pheremones will strengthen the trail, making it more likely for others to follow later. Once all of the food has been taken, the trail will no longer be maintained and will decay away, making the ants roam randomly again.

Each piece of food will add 2 to the size of the colony, which lets the colony create another ant.

Use Ctrl-C or xkill to quit ;)