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This is the source for To render the site, you will need the Nix package manager. Optionally, you can also install IPFS to host the resulting site.

You can render everything using:

<pre><code>./render <arg></code></pre>

Running <code>./render</code> without an argument will tell you the various arguments available.


Publishing this site on IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) is easy, but each version will get a different address (based on a hash of its contents). Optionally, we can use IPNS (Inter-Planetary Name System) to 'update' an existing address to a new version. This is based on asymmetric encryption, so an address can only be updated by those with the corresponding private key.

Each IPNS private key has an associated "name"; this doesn't affect the address or contents, it just makes it more convenient to call IPFS commands, since we can specify a key by name instead of its pseudo-random content. We assume the existence of keys with certain names; if you don't want these "polluting" your main IPFS node, you could run a separate node just for this purpose.

In particular there should be a key named <code>chriswarbonet</code>, which we will use to publish the main site. Additionally, each git repo will have its own key, named the same as the repo (but without the <code>.git</code> suffix); for example a git repo <code>foo-bar.git</code> will be published to the key <code>foo-bar</code>.

To generate a key for a go-ipfs node, the following command can be used:

<pre><code>ipfs key gen --type=rsa --size=2048 the-desired-name</code></pre>