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Read RSS/Atom feeds in your favourite, maildir-compatible email client.

A simplified fork of Feed2Maildir, which doesn't use config files or databases.


<ul> <li>Python 2.7+ / 3.2+</li> <li><code>feedparser</code></li> <li><code>python-dateutil</code></li> </ul>


Run the <code>feed2maildir</code> command. The content of the feed should be sent into the command's standard input; if the feed is online, you might want to use <code>curl</code> or <code>wget</code> to fetch it. The following options are available:

<pre><code>-h, --help show this help message and exit (optional) -m <dir> maildir location -n <name> name to use for this feed -s strip HTML from the feeds (optional)</code></pre>

To convert a feed, the <code>-m</code> and <code>-n</code> options are required. Only a single feed will be processed at a time; if you want to process multiple feeds, invoke the command inside a loop.

To prevent the same items being added over and over, each generated maildir entry is given an extra header <code>X-feed2maildirsimple-hash</code>, which stores the given feed name and some stable identifiers from the item. Before creating a new message, the given maildir is scanned for existing hashes, and the item is skipped if a corresponding message already exists.

Once the process has finished, no further work will be performed. If you want to fetch updates at regular intervals, run the command via a system like <code>cron</code>.