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Simple test suite

I use this as a high-level test harness, testing as many of my projects as possible; like a poor man's continuous integration server.


Tests are defined in the Nix files in tests/ and run by calling ./run.

The release.nix file allows testing on the Hydra continuous integration server.

Each test file can define either a derivation, or a (possibly nested) set of derivations. Each of these derivations is a test, and is identified using the "path" (lists of keys) which leads to it.

A list of all test paths is in results/attrs.json (stderr from getting these is in results/attrs.err).

A test passes when it builds successfully. Passing tests get an entry in results/pass/; failing tests get one in results/fail/. The stdout and stderr of each test run is written to results/stdout/ and results/stderr/.


Most usage is via ./run, which will run all tests. Note that some test results may be cached by Nix, so this isn't as expensive as it sounds.


By default, all tests are run. By setting the MODE env var to failed, only those with entries in results/fail will be run. By setting MODE to given and setting the GIVEN env var to a JSON array of paths, only the tests identified by those paths will be run.

The jq command is useful for manipulating JSON.