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Hipster - theory exploration in Isabelle/HOL

Hipster is still under development, but feel free to play around with it! To install Hipster, you first need Isabelle, QuickSpec and HipSpec.

Isabelle is available from: Hipster works with Isabelle 2015, preferably in jEdit if you want nice syntactic sugar (use the branch Isabelle14 if you want the Isabelle 2014 compatible version).

To install the appropriate QuickSpec:

git clone
cd quickspec
git checkout hipster
cabal install

To install HipSpec, you will need to run the following commands:

git clone
cd hipspec
git checkout hipster
cabal install 

Lastly, you will also have to compile the HipSpecifyer:

cabal install hipspecifyer/

Finally, you need to tell Isabelle where to find Hipster, by setting the environment variable $HIPSTER_HOME in the file $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings (create this file if it does not exist yet), where Isabelle normally has set $ISABELLE_HOME_USER to $USER_HOME/.isabelle. $HIPSTER_HOME should then point to the path for the IsaHipster directory you just cloned. See the Isabelle System's Manual for more info on how to set up Isabelle's system enviroment. Alternatively, you may set $HIPSTER_HOME in your bash environment file, but then Isabelle will only find Hipster if you start it from the terminal, so I would recommend the former approach.

If you want to use Hipster from an Isabelle theory file, it needs to import the IsaHipster.thy file (which essentially sets up Hipster) by including the line:

imports "$HIPSTER_HOME/IsaHipster"

Now, you should be able to try Hipster. Start up Isabelle on for example Examples/TreeDemo.thy and have a go.

Disclaimer: There are quite a few hacks around, and Hipster is not a polished and finished product by any means. Let us know if you run into anything too odd, and we'll try to fix it.