# Nix Helpers #

This repository collects up useful functions and other bits and pieces for the
[Nix]( language.

Some of these may be suitable for including in the official nixpkgs repository,
but others may be too hacky and/or experimental. Note that this repository isn't
necessarily stable, so it's recommended to pin a particular git revision if you
depend on it.

The goals of this project are:

 - Complement nixpkgs by providing an "overlay" of useful helper utilities
 - Avoid packaging end-user software, since that's best done elsewhere
 - Have few external dependencies
 - Work across Nix and nixpkgs versions

Bug reports and patches are welcome! These can be emailed to either as normal emails or via `git send-email`. Issues are
tracked in git too, using [Artemis](, so they
can be included in a patch if you like.


Clone this repository using:
  git clone 


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