Search and Optimisation Streams

This library defines a bunch of streams (infinite lists),
for search and optimisation.

A stream is a never-ending source of values. In our case,
a stream is implemented as a Javascript function with no
arguments. This is a "thunk", or a computation-in-waiting.
Whenever we like, we can call the function and it returns
the next value for us. Calling the function again will
return the next value, and so on. The next value of a
stream can depend arbitrarily on the previous values, but
it cannot depend on any future values. This is enabled by
making all streams either pure functions, or closures.

Search is the problem of constructing suitable inputs for
a function, such that it gives a known output. This is
somewhat the inverse of most computations, which take
inputs and generate unknown outputs. Usually, as is the
case in this library, the output we want is boolean true,
and the function is some user-defined measure of
acceptibility. We usually require the user supplies the
domain of values as well (eg. booleans, integers, strings,
etc.), or at least some enumerating function.

Optimisation is a generalisation of search. Instead of
requiring a specific value, we use an ordered co-domain
(for example, numbers), and construct values which give
higher and higher acceptibility.

This library provides many basic streams (for example
"zeros" and "ones", which give values 0, 0, 0, ... and
1, 1, 1, ... respectively), as well as a wealth of
combinators to produce new streams (for example,
interleave(zeros(), ones()) gives 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, ...)
and stream-building functions (for example constant, where
constant(x) gives x, x, x, ...).

By using the common framework of streams, we build up from
these basic building blocks to quite elaborate
metaheuristic search/optimisation algorithms, including
genetic algorithms and virtual machine enumerators.


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