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Warbo's Nix Packages

A hodge podge of packages for Nix which either aren't yet in the official nixpkgs repository, or are otherwise hacked/overridden.

These aren't expected to remain stable, so if you're going to use them it's recommended to pin a specific git revision.

This repository forms part of an unholy trinity of useful nixpkgs overlays:

<ul> <li><code>http://chriswarbo.net/git/warbo-packages</code> (this) packages useful software</li> <li><code>http://chriswarbo.net/git/nix-helpers</code> provides useful Nix expressions</li> <li><code>http://chriswarbo.net/git/warbo-utilities</code> provides useful scripts</li> </ul>

There's also <code>http://chriswarbo.net/git/nix-config</code> which defines a NixOS system configuration which makes use of these.